Hilary Clarcq

Hilary is a freelance illustrator originally from the East Coast and now based in Boulder, CO.

After earning a BA in English and Fine Art, Hilary spent many years as a graphic designer before turning to illustration as a way to combine design-thinking with her love of drawing. Her design background is evident in her illustration work, where she employs graphic elements alongside more realistic rendering.

When not drawing or painting, you can find her outdoors or discovering new places. Her favorite means of exploration are bikes, surfboards, and the printed word.


Excerpts From A Film

Unsolicited illustration based on a fantastic piece of short fiction by A.C. Wise from tor.com.

The Hour of Lead

Created for the 2017 Month of Fear challenge, “Shiver.”


Don’t let fear be your mind killer.

Mask of Upset

The Thought Fox

Slaughterhouse Five

Vigils and Protests

Done for the 2017 Month of Love challenge, “Innocent.”


Private Commission

Celestial Traveler

The Stone Amulet